Professional drone and remote piloting services in the DC Metro Area.

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I'm an engineer and certified FAA pilot with dozens of flights under my belt.

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I come with a wide variety of skills and can cater to your request.

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About Me

Hi there! My name is Austin. I'm a certified drone & remote unmanned aircraft pilot living and working in the DC Metro area. I provide a wide variety of drone and aerial photography, videography, and inspection services. Whether you're a real-estate agent, a commercial operation, a resident, or a sports pro - I can help.

Certified FAA Remote Drone Pilot
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aerial Photography & Videography

Shoot photo and videos of any property, event, or location.

Real Estate Footage

Add a new angle to your client's home, or get a quick inspection of the property from the air.

Residential & Commercial Inspections

Capture homes, buildings and job sites from a new view.

Certfied FAA Pilots

I'm a certified FAA pilot. You can rest assured that you'll fly with the proper airspace authorization and with a pilot who knows what he's doing.

No Gimmicks

All the footage from our sessions is yours. No gimmicks or added fees.

Professional Cut

Want more than static assets? I can help cut your footage and deliver a polished video or photography package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Hourly Rates?

We charge $400 per hour (of drone flight time) and provide all video and photography assets. Time planning, communicating video shots, and working with the you to get the shots you need is included! Drive time up to 20 minutes in Arlington county or Palmyra county is included. All other drive times will be invoiced.

Do You Offer Drone Video Capture?

Yes! That's our primary service. We can cut and finish drone videos at an additional expense if you're looking for a custom video. Otherwise, we will provide you with the raw video and photo assets. Drone footage is useful for recreation, home inspection, real-estate footage and more.

Can you come to me for commercial, residential, real-estate or wedding services?

Yes! We work from Arlington VA, with a service center in the Charlottesville area. If you're not in one of these counties, but located in VA, we can come to you if you ask and are willing to work out a payment that makes sense to include the drive time. If you are somewhere else in the US, please inquire, as we do offer travel services, but with an expanded cost structure.

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